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By Jon Spoelstra

Co-Author The Ultimate Toolkit


You’re reading this for one reason.

That one reason is that you’d like to improve your team’s ticket sales.  In fact, you probably want to increase your ticket sales in staggering amounts.  Well, this is the place.

The Ultimate Toolkit to Sell the Last Seat in the House is a treasure trove of ideas and techniques that have proved successful for me time-after-time with different teams in different leagues.  We cover each one of those ideas in easy to implement format.  While we provide options for you, you choose which ideas that you’d like to run with and then you run full steam ahead knowing it will work.

There are five parts to The Ultimate Toolkit.  Each part is featured on the navigational panel on the left.  In short form, he’s what inside The Ultimate Toolkit:

Part 1:  Strategy & Tactics. To increase your ticket sales by staggering amounts, you most likely will have to tweak your ticket marketing philosophy. Where can you get proven ideas to base that tweaking on?  That’s right, Part 1.  We provide you with four workbooks of those proven ideas on full menu marketing, ticket pricing, sellouts, sales staff structure and others that you can choose from. 

Part 2:  Selling Tix to Corporations.    Once you have developed a rock solid Strategy & Tactics, your biggest target most likely will be corporations.  Unfortunately, this target isn’t influenced to buy season tickets by telemarketing or by social media. Those techniques work better for individual buyers, not corporations.

Part 2 has four workbooks and three downloads from our Private Content webpage:

1.  Ticket Sales Manager’s Bible. 

2.  Ticket Sales Manager’s Boot Camp Manual.

3.  Getting the Appointment Handbook (for each salesperson).

4.  Getting the Sale Handbook (for each salesperson).

5.  Teaching Powerpoints (download).  We provide all the Powerpoints you need to teach your Corporate Sales Boot Camp.  You don’t have to re-create the wheel.  Just download them and tweak them for your team.

6.   Telechart Cards (download).  We use Telechart Cards in teaching salespeople to get appointments with CEO’s.  These are on the web site; just download and personalize them for your team.

7.   Video Ticket Sales Pitch (download).  What does a perfect ticket sales pitch to a CEO look like? Here it is.  Use this as a benchmark for your salespeople to achieve.  We also include a video on the perfect phone call to get the appointment.

Part 3:  Selling Tickets to Groups.  Many teams leave a ton of group sales on the table.  This could be because the Group Sales Manager is often too inexperienced or the team simply doesn’t even bother with group sales until a a week or two before the season starts.  These workbooks are step-by-step on how to sweep up those lost sales and create eye-popping bottom-line improvement in your group sales staff.  

Part 3 has three workbooks and two downloads from our Private Content page:

1.  Group Sales Manager’s Bible.

2.  Group Sales Manager’s Boot Camp Manual.

3.  Group Salesperson’s Handbook. 

4.   Teaching Powerpoints (download).  We provide the Powerpoints you need to teach your Group Sales Boot Camp.  You don’t have to re-create the wheel.  Just download them and tweak them for your team.

5.  Video: Group Sales Pitch.  How about a perfect group sales pitch?  Here’s a copy.  Use this as a benchmark for your group salespeople to achieve.

Part 4: Selling to Individual Fans.  The mandate for telemarketers for teams is dial-dial-dial.  We, too, believe in that, but we believe dial with substance.  So, Part 4 has two workbooks and one download:

1.  The Inside Salesperson’s Handbook.  (Nothing like this has ever before been prepared for a team’s telemarketer.  This will be a treasure to them.)

2.  The Inside Sales Manager’s Boot Camp Manual.

3.  Teaching Powerpoints.

Part 5a & b: Private Content pages.   There are 76 items in the Private Content pages that you can download.  These items range from Renewal letters to sales letters to Boot Camp downloads to successful ticket ads to sales report forms to videos.  You’re allowed to incorporate any of this stuff into what you do.   

Steve DeLay is my co-author for all this stuff.  Between Steve and I, we’ve been part of more than 2,500 sellouts.  We’ve sold tickets for teams in the NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball and consulted for plenty of other teams. 

 We’ve put 50+ combined years of experience selling tickets into a comprehensive How To for ticket sales called The Ultimate Toolkit.    

 The cost for The Ultimate Toolkit is $3750. 

You might question the expense of The Ultimate Toolkit. The better question would be: Does it work?  Heck, one new idea that leads to one new season ticket buyer makes it work, but we’re looking at increasing your ticket sales by staggering amounts.  When you achieve that, then The Ultimate Toolkit is the best purchase you’ve ever made. 

Making The Ultimate Toolkit work for you is easy.  You begin with Strategy & Tactics.  Then get your sales managers in lockstep with you.  Then your salespeople.  But, it all starts by ordering The Ultimate Toolkit 

Order The Ultimate Toolkit today.



  This is like the Swiss Army Knife for ticket sales except it has more tools.


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