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B2B Ticket Sales Superstar

Ticket sales strategy and ticket sales training is going to change.  It has to because of the coronavirus pandemic.  No longer can you ignore the business community and hope fans of your sport will carry your attendance.  That’s why we’ve taken all of the business to business training from The Ultimate Toolkit and turned it in to a cost-effective online training program your staff can start immediately, today.

Our B2B Tix Superstar program includes all of the material you would normally receive in an on-site boot camp, just in a easier to use online format.  Click below to see the specific details about how this program can help your team and your league.

Click here to view the B2B Ticket Sales Superstar Site

Call Steve at 702-493-2661

18716 Nautical Drive, Unit #6

Cornelius, NC 28031

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