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Do It Yourself Digital Ticket Sales Class

The most cost-effective advertising you’ll ever do with the best ROI.

Due to popular demand, we’ve turning our digital ticket marketing expertise into an online class for Marketing Directors for teams.  Like The Ultimate Toolkit and Group Sales Superstar, our Digital Ticket Sales class is a cost-effective way to take advantage our expertise and knowledge.  Click below for more information.


This Digital Ticket Sales Course was built for Marketing Directors of sports teams who want to improve their results on social media and digital advertising to sell more tickets.

Here is what comes with the Digital Ticket Sales Course:

The course is broken into two sections: Creating a Social Media Strategy & Using Facebook Ads to sell more tickets and generate more revenue.

  • There are ten video lessons taking you through the process of improving a social media strategy.
  • There are eighteen video lessons taking you through the step-by-step process of how to use Facebook advertising to sell more tickets
  • Straight forward action items with a corresponding workbook setting you up for success.



I’ve spent my entire working life in the sports business, more than 25 years at all levels including the NBA, NHL, MLB and MiLB.

Jon Spoelstra and I combined our more than 70 years of ticket and sponsorship sales knowledge to write “The Ultimate Toolkit to Sell the Last Seat in the House”, a comprehensive ticket sales strategy, tactics and training system for teams, schools and special events and “The Ultimate Toolkit – Sponsorships”, a complete sponsorship sales strategy and training system.  From that, I’ve consulted with dozens of teams and leagues on how to ramp up revenue.  This digital class is the next evolution in ticket sales.

I’m also the owner of the Macon Bacon baseball team, a summer collegiate baseball team in Macon, GA.  We’ve finished in the top 15 in attendance nationally out of 395 teams in summer collegiate baseball in our first two years and have sold out more than half our games. Not only do I consult and train in ticket sales, but I live and breathe it every day with our team.



I know what it is like to be in your shoes.

As the Macon Bacon Marketing Director, I have to think every day, "How can I help generate revenue and ticket sales?"

How?  By using today's largest media outlet: Social Media. Specifically, using the powerful tool of Facebook.

I helped launch the Macon Bacon brand online and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in online ticket sales. We will help you sell more ticket packages, single game tickets and even merchandise with our philosophy, strategy and tactics within this course. 

We’ll make you a hero to your owner and show you how we generated $30 in sales for every $1 spent in digital advertising



For the last 7 years, I've dedicated my life to content creation, fan engagement, and social media marketing. I've published over 1000 articles, 500 podcasts, and 600 videos. 

My knowledge and execution is what has allowed me to build a social media marketing agency (Bacon Sports) that has worked with brands like NASCAR, Hormel Bacon, and Uber. 

I believe in building a strong brand. One that is forward thinking, tells great stories, and provides value to my audience. 


Digital Ticket Sales is designed for sports teams, leagues, and athletic departments that want to see better results from their social media marketing and sell more tickets. 

Directors of Marketing who need to generate more followers, more engagement and ultimately more revenue through social media and digital advertising.  Your social media is the opportunity for you to deliver value, let your brand heartbeat shine, and be a familiar voice that your fans look forward to hearing from.

All of this is possible by having a strategy in place that allows you to easily execute it. 

Now is the time for you to take action as you are going to love the results it brings. We are excited to help you grow your brand with Digital Ticket Sales Course. 



How long will the program take me to complete? 

We recommend that you complete the program over the course of 3-4 weeks so you don’t rush through it and can fully implement it.

Is there content that we can keep/save for future use within our team? 

You’ll be able to keep the workbooks that are part of the class.  You’ll also have access to the class modules for life after signing up for the class.

Is this intended for our full digital team?  Or just one person?

You can have your full digital team watch the modules.  When you purchase the class, you purchase it for your entire team.

Are classes at scheduled times?  Or do I fit this into my own schedule?

You can take the class at your own pace but we recommend finishing it within 3-4 weeks.

Are there options for payment plans?

There are no payment plans but if that’s what it takes for you to be able to take the class, please call Steve DeLay at 702-493-2661 to discuss.


Call Steve at 702-493-2661


18716 Nautical Drive, Unit #6

Cornelius, NC 28031

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