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What's In The Sponsorship Toolkit-Promotions?

Here's where The Ultimate Toolkit--Sponsorships can help:

  • How to build a sponsorship strategy and packages from scratch.  I spent years with various teams generating monster sponsorship revenues.  My sponsorship philosophy was dramatically different than most teams.  You might not like those steps.  But, make that decision after we take you step by step through building a sponsorship strategy and then building sponsorship packages from scratch to truly maximize revenue.  

Like a toolkit you find in the garage, each tool plays an important role

  • How to evaluate what your maximum potential for sponsorships really is.  This isn’t just taking your ‘rate card’ and adding 20%.  In fact, we’ll give you an entirely different way to look at how much sponsorship revenue is possible in your market.  Are you getting what the market will bear?  Do you have a master list of all your team’s sponsorship inventory? 
  • How to create slam dunk killer promotions.  We’ll show you how to use your teams’ and building assets to create slam-dunk winning promotions that move the needle for your sponsor’s business.  If you move the needle for your sponsor, the sponsor will move your revenue needle upwards.  We’ll take you through the step by step process I’ve used for decades at all levels in different leagues. The Sponsor Promotion Bible will become one of your all-time favorite tools.

Here is an example of using your brand/team on pint glasses to drive traffic to a sponsor

  • The hidden prospects for sponsorship packages.  With some creativity, you can expand your pool of sponsorship prospects by developing what I call B2B and HR sponsorships.  We’ll show you how to create new inventory and find those unique, non-traditional sponsors in your market that you’d never usually think about.  We’ll also walk you through a strategy to identify some truly non-traditional, unusual sponsorship candidates that you may never have thought about calling.
  • How to negotiate with your prospective sponsor where you always receive the maximum price.  There are little negotiating tactics that can make a huge difference.  We’ll walk you through negotiating strategy where you can negotiate hard and not get bloodied in the process.  We’ll also explain the strategy behind official status, exclusivities, market research and the right way to build sponsorship proposals.

Here is how not to do your sponsorship

  • How to get sponsorship renewals that you can predict.  When you're selling sponsorships, you're really in the renewal business.  It's one thing to sell a sponsor, it's an entirely different thing to keep that sponsor year after year.

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