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On-Site Ticket Sales Training

By Steve DeLay

It’s coming.  The time is coming when we’re allowed to go back to work and start selling tickets again.  Your salespeople need to be ready.  Your staff will have to do the same amount of sales in half or less of a selling season.

Are they properly trained to do that?

Over the last few years, I’ve focused my energy on launching the Macon Bacon and other projects and less on sales training.  However, knowing there will be a tremendous need this summer and fall to help teams catch up, I’m opening up my schedule to help.  If you’re interested in scheduling me for either B2B sales training or group sales training, I’ve started a ‘priority list’ for as soon as we’re allowed to have gatherings again.  No deposit required. 

Just give me a call at 702-493-2661 or enter your name, phone and email address below and I’ll give you a call and we’ll figure out the timing.

Some photos on-site with teams

39 appointments in two hours of calling with the Hornets group sales staff

We will get your sales team together and show them what it takes to be successful

What do industry leaders think?

Can't wait for a response via email? Just click/call this number to contact Steve DeLay today: 702-492-2661

Call Steve at 702-493-2661

18716 Nautical Drive, Unit #6

Cornelius, NC 28031

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