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Hold your own Ticket Sales Boot Camp

You can do this year after year

When I was with Mandalay Baseball Properties we would have a 5-day Ticket Sales Boot Camp for all of our teams.  This meant that we would be training and re-training 40-50 ticket sales people every year.  

If you wanted to do a similar boot camp with far fewer salespeople, I think you could do a 2 ½ day sales training seminar.  Your salespeople--rookies and veterans--would  learn the tools and skills necessary to be a spectacular ticket sales person. 

Your salespeople will learn the two most important things in making a sale:

1.  How to get an appointment with any CEO.  This skill is crucial to successfully selling tickets to corporations.  Using our materials, you can teach your salespeople how to get a face-to-face appointment including what to say to get their attention, how to handle objections and how to lock down the meeting.

2.  How to make the sales presentation. Once your salesperson gets the appointment, they'll need to know how to make a presentation to a CEO.  Again, using our proven materials, you can your salespeople  the step-by-step including handling objections and closing the sale.

A 2 ½ day boot camp should use full days.  Your salespeople would be in class for 20 hours over 2 ½ days learning, studying, role-playing, videotaping and reviewing. 

Class may end at 5pm both days but you should expect your salespeople to study in the evening.  Yep, you’ll want your salespeople to practice and yep, there are tests.  You want people who have a burning desire to truly learn this material.  

Here are the training materials necessary to fully train your sales staff 

1.     Ticket Sales Manager’s Bible.   This book was written specifically for you, the Ticket Sales Manager. As Ticket Sales Manager, you have two key roles in increasing sales to corporations:  1)  Recruit the salespeople that can achieve success and 2) Train them.  Our training covers exactly how to make appointments and sell to corporations..  You'll love that you'll have everything you need to succeed.

2.     Boot Camp Manual for your Ticket Sales Manager.  We’re huge believers in serious and continuing training of your ticket sales people.  This isn’t just altruistic.  A better trained sales staff produces bigger results earlier.  Part of the training we recommend is a Ticket Sales Boot Camp.  This intimidates some managers.  It shouldn’t.  Our workbook gives you step-by-step guidelines to running a highly effective Boot Camp.  Additionally, this workbook gives step-by-step instructions on continuing training of your ticket sales staff.  There are more tools that you can download from our private website:

  • PowerPoints on making the appointment.  Your Ticket Sales Manager can download our PowerPoints and then quickly customize them to your team.
  • PowerPoints on making the sale.
  • Videos of the perfect way to get an appointment and then make the perfect sales pitch. The Ticket Sales Manager can use these videos during training.
  • Telechart cards.  Your Ticket Sales Manager can download our Telechart Cards on customize them to your team

3.  Getting the Appointment Handbook.  Your salespeople have to make an appointment with a CEO before they can make the sale.  How do they do that?  This workbook shows the salespeople how.  Each salesperson that attends your Boot Camp gets this tutorial on how to make appointments with any CEO.  You'll download a copy for each salesperson.

4  Getting the Sale Handbook.  Once your salesperson makes the appointment, what do they say?  How do they handle objections?  In this workbook, your salespeople will learn precisely what to say regardless of the type of company that is being pitched.                                             


If you’re not familiar with The Ultimate Toolkit, take a look around this website and click on the various links.  You'll see that we're serious about tickets as well as the teams that use The Ultimate Toolkit.  Pay special attention to the ‘Success’ tab on the left hand-side. On that page, you’ll see some of the tremendous successes teams are having with The Ultimate Toolkit.


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