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26 Jan 2021 1:11 PM | Steve DeLay (Administrator)

In this case, I was happy to help someone trying to get ahead

By Steve DeLay

I was impressed he had the guts to ask.

I’m talking about an email from an out of work ticket salesperson.

He had been laid off when coronavirus hit, like just about every other ticket salesperson in the industry.  But, instead of wallowing in self-pity, or going to sell cell phones, he was trying to do something to get ahead and improve himself.

The emailer said he had seen my LinkedIn post on our new Ultimate Toolkit/ECHL sales training program for candidates wanting to get hired in to the ECHL. 

“What does it teach?,” he asked.

I explained it was the guts of The Ultimate Toolkit training for group sales and B2B sales.  The only difference between this program and the standard Group Sales Superstar and B2B Tix Superstar was that ECHL sales managers reviewed the videos instead of me.

“Sounds daunting,” he emailed.

“Nope,” I responded.  “It’s perfect for someone like you looking to get back into sports.  You get the training you need, and you get reviewed and noticed by an entire league of sales managers.  If you don’t like hockey for some reason, you can always put ‘Ultimate Toolkit Certified’ on your Teamwork profile and apply for other jobs outside of hockey.”

There was an email silence for a while, maybe 20-30 minutes.  Then I received ‘the ask’.

“Can you loan me the 60 bucks?," the emailer asked.  “I’ll pay you back double if I get a job.”

That’s what I call asking for the order.

I was impressed he had the nerve to ask.  I loaned him the $60 to go through the training program and told him, ‘I’ll be following your progress.  I expect big things.”

The Ultimate Toolkit online training programs aren’t for everyone.  This isn’t just listening to a few modules while you’re watching TV and then claiming you’re ‘certified’.  You have to really study and practice.  But, if you truly want to get trained and get noticed by sales managers for ECHL teams or other teams that will be hiring soon, it’s the best $60 you’ll ever spend. 

If you know are interested in working in the ECHL, or getting Ultimate Toolkit certified, have them check out the ECHL/Ultimate Toolkit training program.  While I’m only loaning $60 to that one candidate who had the guts to ask, I will keep an eye out for your progress on your way to being a superstar in ticket sales.

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