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Wait, wait, wait… go 1000 mph

10 Feb 2021 5:52 AM | Steve DeLay (Administrator)

The last year has been a nightmare for the sports industry – canceled games, games with no fans and games with a few fans.


But, we’re inching closer to a return to normalcy. I know with my teams in Macon, Georgia, and Florence, South Carolina, we’re planning to operate at full capacity come May 27 when our season starts. (fingers and toes crossed and an offering to the baseball gods and coronavirus demons)

If you’re a sales manager that’s been more or less sitting and waiting for the last 10-11 months, it’s about to get totally, completely, insanely nuts, especially if you’re in a summer sport like Minor League Baseball, USL soccer or the WNBA.

Let’s think about what you have to do as soon as you get the green light to have fans.  (we’ll hope at full capacity!!)

  1. Get your schedule.  Yep, still waiting on that schedule for this summer?  Hopefully your league office has it and is just waiting for the go-sign.
  2. Put your Sellout Strategy in place.  Once you get that schedule, which games to focus on for sellouts?  Which games to ignore?  Early season games in April or May where you have little or no time to sell or weekday games early and late in the season?  Give me a call at 702-493-2661 or email me at and I’ll share a Sellout Matrix template.
  3. Develop your ticket products.  Now that you have a schedule and a Sellout Strategy, what do your ticket packages look like to drive those sellouts?
  4. Plan group and single game theme nights.  You’re going to need groups to get sellouts and you’re going to need your best and brightest single game promotions.
  5. Set up your marketing timeline.  What’s your budget?  Did you learn enough about digital marketing strategy in your down time to maximize your social and digital ad strategy?  Do you need classes like our Ultimate Toolkit Digital Tix Class?
  6. Hire salespeople back.  This could be bringing back furloughed staff you let go a while back or more likely, brand new salespeople.  You and every other team are hiring in the next 60 days.  How do you stand out?  If you’re interested in having your league build a candidate pool that has already been trained, check out what is happening with the ECHL Sales Candidate Training program.
  7. Train salespeople.  It may be listed as the last step but is likely the most important.  Those salespeople have lost their edge or if they are new, they haven’t ever had an edge.  What if you could put them through online training before they even set foot in your office?  Training directly from The Ultimate Toolkit’s Online Training programs.
  8. GO, GO, GO!!!!

Yep, the next 4-6 months are a crazy sprint.  Are you ready?  If you’re looking at this list and say “Yep, got those points covered.”  That’s terrific.  Congratulations.  If you’re looking and thinking diving under your desk for the next six months and coming up for air in September, that’s understandable.  Give me a call at 702-493-2661 or shoot me an email at to talk strategy and tactics.  I’m happy to help.

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