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Time to hire, train and manage. Are you out of practice?

05 Mar 2021 6:00 AM | Steve DeLay (Administrator)

For the first time in a year, teams are starting to hire.  That means training and management are right around the corner.

Talking with Teamwork Online last week who is the largest sports recruiting service in the country, their executives indicated things are starting to pick up…not 100% back yet but making progress.

The question is, if you’re a sales manager, are you ready to hire, train and manage again or are you out of practice?

Here are some tips and ideas to re-invigorate your approach.


Does your candidate have the native skills and personality characteristics to be a successful salesperson?  Do you even remember what native skills you’re looking for and what personality characteristics fit best in your organizational culture?

Do they have the ‘it’ factor or are you merely looking at their resume and hoping their previous experience carries over? 


Once you hire for aptitude, do you have the training program ready to make sure that salesperson is successful virtually immediately?  After 12 months of waiting, you better have that on-boarding and sales training process nailed to a ‘T’.  You can’t wait for a ramp up period.  Those salespeople have to produce now.

More importantly, are you prepared to be involved as a manager?  Too many times pre-pandemic, did I go do sales training at a team and the manager seemed to always have to step out to take care of something and then came back three hours later.  You have to be part of and actively involved in the training.  The old type of on-site sales training may be harder to come by in a tighter budget era and less crowding in to a conference room.  Sales managers have to take a stronger, more visible leadership role in training and providing resources to succeed.


Once you have the new staff on board, do you have the right goals and expectations set for them?  I’m talking activity goals, sales goals, training goals and more.  Are the salespeople participating in understanding how you set those goals and why you set them or are you just handing them to each person and saying, ‘good luck’?

More importantly, are the goals specific and consistent?  That means not just goals for the year but goals for the month, week and day.  We celebrate daily, weekly and monthly goal achievement at our teams at The Ultimate Toolkit Company.  Do you?  Do your salespeople even have monthly goals to reach or is it a big, scary number at the end of the line they are staring down?


If you laid off all your staff or even a decent chunk of your sales staff, you haven’t had to regularly give feedback and consultation.  Do you have your system in place for not just one-off feedback but daily, weekly and monthly feedback for each person on your staff?  Many of them will be new so don’t take any chances on whether they will produce immediately. 


You’ll need more sales in a shorter amount of time from less people.  You have to be prepared as managers and operating at 110% efficiency.  We can help you with your training with our online programs at  Feel free to give me a call at 702-493-2661 or shoot me an email at

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