Which salesperson is a young Steph Curry?

08 Oct 2019 11:18 AM | Steve DeLay (Administrator)

If you’re a ticket sales manager, which one of your salespeople is a potential Steph Curry? 

Whoa!  What type of crazy point am I trying to make?  A Steph Curry in your midst?  Working for you?  Hah!

Well, your salespeople are probably developing their craft, just like Steph once did years ago.  How did that early development go for Steph?  Here’s Steph describing himself in his early stage of building his skills:  “All summer when I was at camps people were like, 'Who are you, why are you playing basketball?' I was really that bad… [before] I finally figured it out."

You see, Steph had to re-teach himself on how to shoot to adapt to bigger, better players.  His dad helped him change his shooting form.  Yep, he had to re-learn how to shoot.

Maybe your salespeople are hearing similar things that Steph heard, “Who are you, why are you even trying to sell tickets?”  If so, they’ll probably leave your team to work in the real world and you’re back to hiring the next candidate to leave.  That’s not very productive for your own career having a swift carousel of ticket sales people.

Instead of them leaving your team, how can you help them get better, and enhance your career in the process? 

In Steph Curry’s case, his father helped him change his shooting form.  With your salespeople, who’s going to change their ‘shooting form?’  Who?  Who?  Who?

  • 1.      A sales trainer brought in for a couple of days ain’t enough.   Yeah, bringing in a sales trainer is a nice gesture, but it isn’t career changing.  Two days doesn’t change a life; your salespeople need continuity.
  • 2.     You.  You’re the best candidate to rapidly improve your salespeople.  The question isn’t know-how (see point #3 below), it’s commitment.   Are you committed to dramatically improve each of your salespeople?  Are you committed to provide the guidance for a potential Steph Curry in ticket sales?
  • 3.     Training know-howThe Ultimate Toolkit has all the ticket sales training know-how that you’ll need.  And, it’s proven stuff.  It’s the same material that we used to train our sales staffs while I was with the New Jersey Nets and at Mandalay Baseball Properties.   Take a look at the tools that you’ll have at your disposal:  http://theultimatetoolkit.com/Ticket-Sales-Training.


You’ve heard that ‘practice makes perfect.’  Nope.  That’s not the case.  Perfect practice makes perfect Imagine if Steph Curry had to figure out on his own how to shoot and dribble better.  Being incredibly competitive, he probably would have been really good.  But, the best player in the NBA?  I don’t think so.  His coaching provided perfect practice makes perfect

To learn more about the tools and strategies necessary to create more ticket sales, check out the other pages on this website or email me at stevedelay@earthlink.net.

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