“I didn’t even want to brush my teeth in the morning.”

30 Sep 2019 11:20 AM | Steve DeLay (Administrator)

That’s what the Director of Ticket Sales for a major college told me.

He said, “We had no strategy, no plan, no direction in ticket sales.  We were just shooting blindly following the latest trends.  First it was text messaging.  Then it was analytics.  Then it was social selling.  They all sort of helped but none felt like a system.”

“I was getting frustrated and down,” he continued.  “I didn’t want to get out of bed.  I didn’t even want to brush my teeth in the morning.  However, then we purchased The Ultimate Toolkit.  As I plowed through it, I got excited.  It was a system that we could easily adapt to our teams.  It made me want to get out of bed, brush my teeth and hurry in to work.”

That system boils down to five key parts.

  • 1.     The Sellout Mentality.  Are you focused on selling out your biggest and best games and putting pressure on demand?  Or, are you trying to sell tickets for every game on your schedule, regardless of the day of the week or the opponent?  If you have less than 50% of your building’s seats sold on season tickets, you have virtually no chance to sell out every game.  Focus on your best games and get them sold out.  Next year you can expand the number of games targeted to sell out.
  • 2.     Sell ticket products the fans want to buy, not what your team wants to sell.  If I had it my way, I would make it federal law that people had to buy full season tickets.  Orphans, little old ladies, all of ‘em to buy season tickets. That, alas, is not the case.  People that actually need season tickets are a tiny fraction of our population.  For example, a small manufacturing business might not need season tickets, but could use an employee outing.  The employee outing could equal more tickets sold than four season tickets.  We believe a company has a need for tickets and it’s our job to figure out which type of ticket works for them.  We use Full Menu Marketing from day one.
  • 3.     Have the right marketing strategy to sell those products.  Good luck trying to sell season tickets with billboard ads or TV spots or direct mail.  Or, try to sell groups via email marketing.  No chance.  You have to have a specific proven strategy to market each product.  Unfortunately, winging it is not a proven strategy.
  • 4.     Train your salespeople.  You may think it’s enough to bring in a sales trainer for a couple days.  That may get a spike in sales, but then your sales tumble downwards.  We believe that a team has to have on-going, intensive weekly sales training. This isn’t just a weekly sales meeting.  We believe in one-on-one training including videotaping, going on sales calls and one on one meetings with each salesperson.  If your salespeople succeed, management succeeds.  This is why we have a major emphasis on self-training in The Ultimate Toolkit.
  • 5.     Track Everything.  Marketing dollars and sales staff dollars are hard to squeeze from ownership.  Don’t waste them.  They are going to want to know if their money is being spent wisely.  Track every dollar spent on ads to determine ROI.  If you can’t determine how much ticket revenue you generated because of an ad, mailing or email, don’t do it again.  Same with salespeople.  How many calls, connects, appointments, sales have they generated.  Are they paying for themselves?  How many times over?  By tracking marketing dollars you’re setting yourself to be able to get more marketing dollars because you can prove it’s working.

Ticket sales don’t just happen.  You have to have a proven system.  I talk to teams every day who have big holes in their system.  They can’t figure out why sales aren’t going up.  Sometimes it’s a tweak, sometimes their system (or lack of one) needs a complete overhaul.

When you do ticket sales right, it’s fun, really fun.  In fact, you’ll probably find that your teeth have never  been brighter.

To learn more about ticket sales strategy, marketing and training systems, check out www.theultimatetoolkit.com.

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