How to cut in line to get a job in sports

18 Sep 2019 11:22 AM | Steve DeLay (Administrator)

Is cutting in line fair?  Well, let’s put it this way: cutting in line is opportunistic.  You get the job with the team you want. 

If you read the rest of this article, I will tell you how to get that job in sports. 

But, let me ask you a question.  I’m curious about your response.  I asked this very same question to a sports management class on their first day of the semester.  Let me tell you, only one person raised their hand when I asked the question.  She was even a bit embarrassed.

Here’s the question I had asked:  “How many of you want to get a job in ticket sales?”

When I asked the lone student who raised her hand why, she said simply, “I know it’s the best way to get a job in sports.”  It turns out she had done an internship the previous summer with the the NBA team in her hometown and saw that the team had nearly 40 ticket salespeople. They had three in marketing and two in public relations.  She was smart enough to realize that the odds were in her favor if she learned tickets.

When I pressed the other students in class about why they didn’t want to go in to ticket sales, the answers were pretty consistent.  “I don’t know anything about ticket sales.” Or “Sales scares me.” Or “Sales? Yuk!”  or something like that.

After talking about ticket sales for a while and how it has become the best stepping stone to get hired by a teama, the students’ demeanor started to change.  They realized ticket sales wasn’t a life-long job; it was a gateway to other important jobs with a team.  They became more enthusiastic.


I then told them their University had done them a huge favor by using The Ultimate Toolkit to teach their class in ticket sales.  You see, there aremore than 160 teams using The Ultimate Toolkit, and they are continually looking to to hire salespeople who have already learned the sales techniques in The Ultimate Toolkit before they get to the team. 

Let me repeat that:

There are more than 160 teams continually looking to hire salespeople that have learned The Ultimate Toolkit principles and tactics.  Heck, a lot of these teams are desperate to hire a student of The Ultimate Toolkit,

Just by taking the class and completing the sales training videos, these students were going to cut to the head of the line for any future job opportunities. 

Not only do the students learn sales techniques and marketing strategy, we post their resumes and sales videos of the students on our website, so our teams can easily find them.  The Ultimate Toolkit graduates are not competing with thousands of other candidates on a Teamworkonline posting.  These students in effect cut to the front of the line for any job openings our 160 teams have.  Just by successfully completing the class and their videos.  Talk about an unfair advantage.


That advantage has caused a bit of a problem.  We don’t have enough qualified salespeople to fill the jobs our teams have available.

To solve that problem, we’ve launched The Ultimate Toolkit Online Ticket Sales Boot Camp in conjunction with the University of Iowa.  Anyone taking the Ultimate Toolkit Online Ticket Sales Boot Camp will learn the exact same stuff students taking it in class will learn.  You’ll learn the sales techniques that our teams are looking to hire for.  Just click here for more information.

There are three types of people who should take this online class:

  • 1.     You’re not in sports right now.   The Ultimate Toolkit Online Ticket Sales Boot Camp is a huge plus for anyone outside of the sports world interested in getting a job in sports.   You need specific ticket sales skills for sports teams and you’ll learn those skills with us..  The training you’ll get in this class and the videos you produce of yourself will show teams that you can sell.
  • 2.     Sports management students.  Students in a sport management program know that there usually aren’t classes about ticket sales.  Sports Law and Sport Finance and the Essence of Sport were probably interesting but those classes don’t compel teams to grab you.  Having the skills from The Ultimate Toolkit Boot Camp will make teams want to interview you.
  • 3.     You’re already with a sports team.   Someone who already works for a sports team in sales or some other position that wants to dramatically improve their chances of career growth.  You’ll learn more in this eight week class then you’d learn at your existing team in a year.

Anyone who completes The Ultimate Toolkit Online Ticket Sales Boot Camp will have their resume and video posted on our website for our teams to view.  I will also personally send emails out to our teams letting them know those videos and resumes are posted.  It’s the quickest way to cut to the front of the line to get a job in sports. 

So, let me answer for you a variation of that first question.  Your answer is ‘Yes.’

The questions is“Do you want a special advantage to get a job with a sports team that you want to work for?”  

To get that special advantage, click here:


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