The Ultimate Toolkit Secrets Revealed

12 Nov 2019 4:37 AM | Steve DeLay (Administrator)

I get a lot of calls and emails about ticket sales and sponsorship sales.  

After all, I’ve been part of teams that have sold out more than 1,400 games in my career and sold some of the biggest sponsorships in the country.

That’s part of the reason why - with Jon Spoelstra - we wrote The Ultimate Toolkit to Sell the Last Seat in the House.  We followed it up with The Ultimate Toolkit – Sponsorships after getting even more questions about how we were so successful selling big ticket sponsorships.  Between the two of us, we have nearly 70 years of experience - selling out games, consulting with teams wanting to increase ticket and sponsorship revenue and training wildly successful ticket salespeople who have gone on to tremendous careers in the industry.


With The Ultimate Toolkits, we wanted to answer all the questions we were getting from teams and schools about ticket and sponsorship sales strategy, tactics and training.  If you are a Toolkit team, you have all of our secrets and free access to me at any time.  Our goal has always been to teach you and your staff how to do it, not do it for you.

In just five years, there are nearly 300 professional teams and college athletic departments using The Ultimate Toolkits, with tremendous success increasing revenue. 

Even with The Ultimate Toolkits, the questions keep coming.  

That’s why I’ve decided to take two giant leaps to help teams and Athletic Departments:

1. Bi-weekly blog.  I’m launching a bi-weekly blog – The Ultimate Toolkit Secrets Revealed.  In this blog, I’ll cover chapter by chapter, workbook by workbook, the secrets of The Ultimate Toolkits.  I’ll also include new information, tools and material I’ve added since we wrote The Ultimate Toolkits.  Tools I use regularly in working with consulting clients. 

2. We’ll help you do it.  We’ve also expanded our services within The Ultimate Toolkit company to include a wealth of new ways we can help.  However, even with expanded services, we still want to teach you how to do it in the long-run so you don’t always need us.  Search around and you’ll see all the new ways we can help you boost revenues.

The Ultimate Toolkit Secrets Revealed may not answer every question you have about tickets or sponsorships, but it will get you pointed in the right direction.  If you feel you need more, we can customize a unique solution for you

Office/cell 702-493-2661 

NEXT BLOG SUBJECT – November 18:  Why ticket sales matter – It’s not as obvious as you’d think.

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