Four Types Of Prospects Buy Tickets - Do You Have Products For Each?

03 Feb 2020 7:03 AM | Steve DeLay (Administrator)

We all love season tickets.  If we could sell out 90% of our buildings on season tickets to people who love the team and love our sport, we’d do it, right?

“Heck yes,” I can hear you nodding your head. 

However, I’m betting, if you take the NFL and their PSL programs out of the equation, you can’t name more than five teams in all of North America who can sellout out 90% of their stadium on season tickets to big-time fans.  Go ahead, I’m waiting. 

The rest of us have to work at it.  And that means taking some key marketing steps.


Sounds simple, right?  Identify who is going to buy your tickets.  Not quite as easy as it seems.  There are four audiences:

1.      Hard Core fans – These are the face painters, the fans who want to call and talk for an hour the day after the game about that last second goal or basket, the fan that automatically takes advantage of your early bird discount to renew.  You could probably throw up on their desk and they would still renew.

2.      Casual fans – They like your sport and like going to games but either don’t have the time or the money to go to every single game.

3.      Social Fans – Primarily people just looking for something to do on a Friday or Saturday night.  The team’s record means nothing to them and they likely couldn’t tell you the name of a single player on the team.  There are two sub-groups within this category:

a.       Individuals and their buddies looking for a night out

b.      Members of a group like a church group, alumni group, school or youth sports organization.  Usually families.

4.      Businesses – We’re not talking about the dry cleaner, fast-food joint or flower shop.  We’re talking about businesses that make and sell products where relationships are important to them and their clients.

Or, big enough businesses that have enough employees where a reward recognition program pays dividends.

Each of these target audiences requires a different approach to successfully sell them tickets.  A different approach on:

1.      What ticket products and amenities make sense for that particular audience.

2.      How to market and sell to them.

3.      Sales training.

So the question for any team is this:

“Do you have a well thought out strategy and plan to sell to each of these target audiences?”

Most team answer with a plan focused only on the hard-core fans (#1 above) and the individual buyer (#3a above).  Everyone else is paid lip service and attended to only after the team has tried to sell as many season tickets possible to hardcore fans and they devised a bunch of zany, off the wall single game promotions to attract individual casual fans. 


If your team has stopped at just the hardcore fan and single game buyer, you’ll like the next couple columns.  First, we’ll tackle the amenities and benefits for hardcore fans and casual fans and then follow that up with successful amenities and benefits for the group buyer and business buyer. 

If you can’t wait, give me a call at 702-493-2661 or email me at and I’d be happy to talk through your situation and give you some suggestions.

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