Weeds or Flowers?

23 Jun 2020 9:06 AM | Anonymous

Every spring, you have a decision to make about your yard.

Do you supply a steady diet of fertilizer and water the grass regularly?  Do you replace the dead spots with new grass seed and better dirt?  Do you plant new flowers in the flower beds?

Or, do you just do the same thing you did last year and the year before and keep your fingers crossed that the grass will grow and flowers will miraculously spring up? 

Will you get weeds? Or, will you control your destiny and get lush green grass and vibrant, colorful flowers?


It’s the same with your sales staff as you bring them back on board to start selling tickets again.  Are you going to keep your fingers crossed and hope they work out with the same structure, training and strategy you had in the past or are you going to find a way to water, fertilize and improve your staff and strategy?

Evan Gitomer wrote an excellent article on Linkedin about the need to change our inside sales staffs for teams.   Gone should be the days of 15-25 inside salespeople grinding out phone call after phone call and arena meetings to sell Joe Fan.  Managers should stop trying to evaluate work ethic and sales aptitude and desire through beating the inside sales staff down with the worst leads.

The costs are astronomical and the ROI, if you’re a minor league team or a bottom of the barrel major league team that Joe Fan ignores, is tough to justify.

Here’s what I recommend to all my consulting clients and I live and breathe it at the Macon Bacon.

  • Use technology.  Virtually all of our sales to Joe Fan come from email marketing and digital advertising.  Our ROI is typically $20:1.  Even in the last few months with such a challenging environment, our ROI is still $12:1.  Beginning after July 4th, we are rolling out an online class for Digital Ticket Sales so you can learn how we’ve done it.  Ironically, I’ve had team owners and team presidents tell me they’ve sold just as many season tickets to date this year to Joe Fan as they had last year, even without sales staffs because they continued to do digital and email marketing and are still getting sales.
  • Use interns for Joe Fan.  Sure, we still have some part-time interns calling on Joe Fan.  However, they only call the people who open the email we send them AND click on the link.  This way, it’s a follow up call and much warmer as the fan has already seen the information we want to present to them.  Our interns in Macon still only get 5-10% connect rate on the phone but at $8.25/hour, the ROI is much more reasonable.
  • Spend your staff budget on group sales and B2B ticket sales.  Right now it’s hard to get meetings, especially if your community still isn’t back in the office but the real ticket sales staff ROI is tied to better group sales and ticket sales to the business community.  However, you need a strategy for those two areas.  In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching a brand new online training program for Group Sales and will have a special announcement related to B2B ticket sales.

With limited capacity reducing your ability to maximize ticket revenue, you need to be perfect selling tickets for your next season, whenever it is.

Are you going to have weeds like every other year or are you going to have flowers this selling season?

If you have questions or I can help with your strategy, call me at 702-493-2661 or email me at stevedelay@theultimatetoolkit.com.  The call or email is free and I’m delighted to help.

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