"We'll Have The Best Prospect Database In The Country"

24 Aug 2020 6:12 AM | Steve DeLay (Administrator)

Use your sales staff’s time wisely right now and it will pay huge dividends

It seems like the movie Groundhog Day.

You remember the movie where Bill Murray wakes up and keeps repeating the same day over and over.

Only this time, it’s sports teams and it’s repeating what was happening in March and April.

With various college football conferences postponing the start of their season and Adam Silver coming out publicly saying the NBA may not start until February or March, teams have to wonder, “What do I do now with my salespeople?

Thankfully, some teams are using their time wisely and effectively.  I’ve heard it from a Director of Group Sales a an NBA team and the Director of Sales for a Group of Five college who have seen their seasons pushed back.

“That’s okay.  We’ll have the best group sales prospect database in the country whenever we’ll be able to play again.”

Both are dead on right.  Their sales staffs are using this time to build up contacts, have conversations about group goals and objectives and when the time comes and the schedule is public, they will be ready to rip. 

No more, “Checking in to see how you are…” conversations with season ticket holders.  How are they?  They want to get out and do something.  That’s how they are.

I also heard it from the Director of Marketing for an ECHL team.

“I’ve added nearly 5,000 followers to our social media and almost as many email addresses.  We’re gonna kill it on ticket packages when we have a schedule.”

If your sales team is doing the proverbial, “What do we do now?” blank stare, turn them loose with our new Group Sales Superstar 3.0 online training program.  Sure, it may seem scary to spend any money right now but if your staff is already on the payroll, you have to make sure they are productive.

Likewise, your Marketing Director can have the same proven results with our Digital Ticket Sales class and build your social following, email database and ticket package sales, even without a schedule.

Check out both programs and our new B2B Tix Superstar online training program by going to courses.theultimatetoolkit.com and you’ll have the best database in the country as well.

If I can help you in any way, call me at 702-493-2661 or shoot me an email at stevedelay@theultimatetoolkit.com 

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