Make yourself a first-ballot sports exec Hall of Famer

31 Aug 2020 6:13 AM | Steve DeLay (Administrator)

Sell more tickets with a smaller advertising budget.

Train more salespeople in less time.

In essence – Do more with less.

That’s what’s going to make you a first-ballot sports executive Hall of Famer.

Or, at least earn you compliments from your boss and gratitude from your team owner.  I know because I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve been in your boss and your owner’s shoes.


We’ve heard it over and over.  2020 is a year like no other.  Especially for the sports world.  When have you ever been in a situation where there is no real certainty when sports that actually have to work to sell tickets will be played again in front of crowds?  (I don’t count the NFL and Power 5 football)

  • Hockey?  No start date yet from the NHL which means no real start date from the AHL and even the ECHL hasn’t yet released their schedule.
  • Basketball? In the same boat, with Adam Silver recently saying they may not start until February or March so they can have fans in the stands.
  • Group of 5 and mid-major college football?  Most if not all have been postponed until spring and maybe even the fall of 2021.
  • Minor League Baseball might seem safe with a start date next April, but they still don’t even know which teams will be in existence with proposed contraction.

What does it mean for you, the sports executive trying to make sense of it all?  It means you have to fight through the clutter, and, do more with less because no owner is going to want to commit tens of thousands of dollars amid such uncertainty.


This summer, the Macon Bacon saw ticket sales success in two areas, ticket packages to Joe Fan (where we matched our 2019 sales, even though we lost ten weeks of marketing during the shutdown)  And - once we could get the group leader on the phone - old-school, handle some individual group orders by phone, group sales.

To help you accomplish the same successes, we’ve created two new online programs:

  • Digital Ticket Sales Superstar.  We’ll walk you through exactly how we dramatically increased our social and digital following and generated nearly 1,500 ticket package sales with a budget of less than $10,000. 

Join us for a webinar on it tomorrow, September 1 at 1pm Eastern by clicking here

  • Group Sales Superstar 3.0.  We’ve completely revamped our original online group sales training program with eight new modules and new video feedback.  However, the price is still the same at $297/person.

Both of these programs can help you sell boatloads more tickets in such an unusual time.  And, they are extremely affordable with payment plans available.  Do more with less and make yourself that first ballot sports executive Hall of Famer.

If you have questions, feel free to give me a call at 702-493-2661 or email me at

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