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The most important six weeks of your career

22 Sep 2020 5:10 AM | Steve DeLay (Administrator)

Use all your resources wisely to succeed this season

Six weeks. 

That’s how long you might get between the announcement your season is on and your first home game. And, I don’t think I’m understating this when I say that those six weeks may be the most important six weeks in your franchise’s history. After all, if you don’t come back strong from the pandemic, you may never come back at all.

If you’re a minor league baseball team, you might have a little longer. The president of a Single-A team told me last week he hopes to have their schedule in late January for a season that starts in early April. Maybe 10 weeks.

Anyone who has sold group tickets knows that most groups, unless they are buying group tickets to see LeBron and the Lakers, don’t commit until they know what game they will be going to. That means, you have six weeks (or maybe 10 weeks) to sell all the group tickets you need for your first month of games. 

“Aack,” you might be thinking. No way you’ll succeed. Who knows, maybe you can say some silent prayers that your state government continues to restrict your capacity. Just don’t tell your owner what you are wishing for.

Whether it’s six weeks or 10 weeks, you’re going to have to move fast to maximize ticket sales, and especially group sales. Staffing, training, execution, more training, finding the group leaders, convincing them to come to an outing.  How to do it all in that short window?


This year, more than ever, training is critical. And, I don’t mean the usual ‘pull everyone into the conference room for two days and drill them’ training. I mean quick, inexpensive, down and dirty training that accomplishes everything you need in that short six week window.

Group Sales Superstar 3.0 can do that for you. Check it out at  Here’s why it works:

  • You get the same training as if I was standing in front of your staff. Same content, same video review, same on-going coaching.
  • You don’t have to crowd everyone into the conference room – something certainly not ideal during the coronavirus world.
  • You can start it tomorrow, or as soon as you have your staff back on board.
  • The cost is nominal, just $297 per person. Same as it has been since Day One.


Don’t just trust me though. I’m hosting a 45-minute Group Sales Superstar webinar to explain how it works and how your team can benefit.  It’s Thursday, October 8th at noon Eastern.  You can sign up here.  Jess Knott, Director of Sales for the Altoona Curve, will talk about her experience with Group Sales Superstar and Brittany Middleton, Director of Group Sales for the Macon Bacon, will talk about the steps the Bacon took to sell group tickets this past summer.

It’s your chance to find ways to maximize sales this season.  If you have any questions feel free to give me a call at 702-493-2661 or email me at

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