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The toughest but most important sales you’ll make this selling season

13 Oct 2020 6:30 PM | Steve DeLay (Administrator)
  • It won’t be easy.

    I’m talking about selling tickets to businesses.

    But you need to.

    You need to sell season tickets and ticket packages. You need to sell hospitality and employee outings.

    You need to sell to businesses for three key reasons:

  1. They are more reliable. Especially in a down economy, you need a solid concentration of businesses buying your tickets. If you’ve sold them correctly, they are buying to help their business grow, reward employees or thank clients. Those aspects matter even more in a down economy.
  2. They have more people to use the tickets. More employees, more clients and more salespeople. 
  3. They have more money to spend. Let’s face it, top businesses can buy your premium seating, even if the local economy is struggling, much more than individuals who are just big fans of your team. 

The usual tools of calling to get appointments, going to networking events, visiting clients in their offices to ask for referrals will work. It will just be much harder.

You’ll still need the key fundamentals of finding the top decision maker and getting an appointment. The difference is the appointment may be virtual, or at your arena or stadium. 

Once you get that virtual appointment or in-person socially distanced appointment, you’ll still need to ask the right questions to make the right recommendation. You’ll just do it in a little different manner.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how critical B2B selling and B2B sales training is to teams, especially in a shortened off-season that’s going to be a sprint to Opening Night.


That’s why, instead of me writing about it, let’s talk about it. Join me for a unique B2B ticket sales webinar with two of the industries’ best. Justin Ramquist, Associate VP for the Indiana Pacers has been selling B2B and managing B2B sales teams for more than 13 years, first in MiLB and now in the NBA. CJ Johnson is the President of the Winston-Salem Dash Single-A baseball team who has some of the highest priced sold out premium seating in all of MiLB. He is re-starting his sales team and sales efforts to the business community as well.

Our B2B Ticket Sales Webinar is Tuesday, October 27 at noon Eastern. There is limited space so sign up now at B2B Tix Sales Webinar and join me talking with CJ and Justin about the right tools and techniques to sell B2B in such an unusual sports year.

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