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The Ultimate Toolkit

By Steve DeLay

What’s in The Ultimate Toolkit?

Jon Spoelstra and I created The Ultimate Toolkit to provide teams and college Athletic Departments the tools to dramatically increase ticket sales without having to pay big bucks for on-site consulting help.

We took our 70+ years of combined experience and put it all in to an easy-to-read set of workbooks covering these key areas of ticket sales: Since we launched The Ultimate Toolkit, nearly 300 teams or colleges have signed up to become an Ultimate Toolkit team and seen tremendous success in growing ticket sales. Here's what's included:

Strategy & Tactics - There is more to ticket sales than just building an alter to winning a title and keeping your fingers crossed.  You need a specific step by step process including:

  • Creating your Sellout Strategy.
  • Building the right ticket products that fans want to buy.
  • Developing the right marketing strategy to take those ticket products to their target markets.
  • Hiring and training salespeople in the right areas to maximize that strategy.
  • Tracking what’s working, not working and how to adjust and improve.

Business to Business Ticket Sales Training -  Most teams pay lip service to selling tickets to businesses or ignore it completely.  However, businesses are quite frankly the best prospects.  They have more money to spend, are more stable as customers and are more likely to use larger ticket products.  Our B2B sales training module walks you through step by step how to structure and train those salespeople. 

Learn how to close the deal easier

Group Sales Training - Groups are the area of tremendous growth for most teams.  However, teams rarely do training specific to group sales.  This module includes three workbooks on how to manage and train group salespeople to maximize group sales success. 

There is no better activity for a group than coming to a sporting event

Inside Sales Training - We haven’t forgotten the need to sell tickets to individuals.  We’ve just put a different spin on it with our Inside Sales Training including the step by step training for new business and renewal sales training.

To purchase your Ultimate Toolkit, click the link below or call Steve at 702-493-2661 or send him an email at

Call Steve at 702-493-2661

18716 Nautical Drive, Unit #6

Cornelius, NC 28031

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