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I can personally help you install the Toolkit, increasing your ticket revenue in staggering amounts right away.




By Steve DeLay

Co-Author of The Ultimate Toolkit



The Ultimate Toolkit is designed to be an easy install with your team.  You will have to prepare for the Boot Camps, but you can download all the stuff you'll need including agendas and PowerPoints.  However, if you want to JumpStart your training, I can be a huge help to you.

Here are two options with this JumpStart

1.  The Ultimate Toolkit & Lifeline. With this option, you get The Ultimate Toolkit and a three month Lifeline by phone.  When you have questions about how to use certain tools, just pick up the phone and talk to me.  The cost of this option is $9,500.

2.  The Ultimate Toolkit, Consulting & Lifeline. With this option you receive The Ultimate Toolkit plus two-day on-site consulting by me and a six month Lifeline by phone.  The cost of this option is $10,500 plus reasonable travel expenses.








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